How much is Netflix a month – Plans, costs & VPNs

What is NetFlix?

Netflix is an online streaming service that provides access to a wide variety of television shows, movies, and documentaries. It is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, with over 193 million subscribers in over 190 countries.

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The two had the idea of creating an online DVD rental service. They started by mailing out DVDs to customers, but soon realized that streaming was the future of entertainment. In 2007, Netflix launched its streaming service, allowing customers to watch content on their computers, phones, tablets, and other devices.

Netflix has become a major player in the entertainment industry. It produces its own original content, including awardwinning shows such as Stranger Things, House of Cards, and The Crown. It also has a library of licensed content from other studios, including classic films, television shows, and documentaries.

Netflix also offers a variety of subscription plans. Customers can choose from basic, standard, and premium plans. The basic plan allows customers to watch content on one device at a time, while the standard and premium plans allow customers to watch on two and four devices, respectively. Netflix is a great way to watch your favorite shows and movies.

It is affordable, convenient, and offers a wide selection of content. Whether youre looking for a classic movie or a new show, Netflix has something for everyone.

Netflix Login – Where do I log in to my Netflix account?

The Netflix login page can be found at

netflix login
On the Netflix login page, enter the email or phone number you signed up with, to start streaming.

How much does Netflix cost a month?

Here is a breakdown of monthly costs for each subscription plan.

Netflix pricing is not perfect. Its price increases and rises are almost inevitable. This is a problem for one of the most popular streaming services. However, Netflix with ads is now cheaper.

Netflix will continue to spend money on its growing library of Netflix Originals, and its subscribers will continue to pay the bill. Netflix is currently testing a new pricing option. You will be charged $2.99 per person to add someone outside your household.

This is to reduce account sharing, which is one of our favorite Netflix tricks to maximize your monthly payment. It’s also one strategy that’s here because of Netflix’s troubled subscriber figures (Netflix is not the only streaming service cancelling).

We are at a time when many people are desperate for Netflix. Most people will continue to pay for the service. All this is happening as new Netflix subscribers were added in January 2022, with the latest price hike. This is not the first time that Netflix has had a price hike in recent years. It’s not surprising that Netflix recently announced its first subscriber loss for over a decade.

Let’s now look at the new pricing and see how much it differs from last year’s. And what you get.

Netflix prices.

  • Netflix new plan:
  • Basic with ads: $6.99/month
  • Basic $9.99 per month
  • Standard $15.49 per month
  • Premium $19.99 per month

Netflix’s new Basic with Ads tier was unveiled on October 13, offering users a $3/month cheaper option.

If you are interested in maximizing your account’s value, check out our tips and tricks to save money on Netflix.

Netflix announced the most recent price increase on January 14, 2022. The previous increase was October 2020. It went up $1-$2 over the January 2019 pricing.

What you get from Netflix Price tiers.

Netflix’s most popular plan is the $15.49 per-month Standard tier. This allows you to stream up to two streams simultaneously in Full HD (1080p) quality. This plan is likely to be the most popular for two reasons. First, 4K TVs aren’t growing as quickly as people might like. People may not be interested in four simultaneous streams or 4K HDR quality with the Premium plan.

  • Netflix Plan – Price – Picture quality – Simultaneous streaming:
  • Basic with Ads – $6.99/month – 720p – HD1
  • Basic –  $9.99 per Month – 720p – HD 1.
  • Standard – $15.49 per Month – Up to 1080p – Maximum 2 streams
  • Premium – $19.99/month  – Up to 4K UHD – up to 4 streams

We wouldn’t be surprised if the $9.99 per Month Basic plan doesn’t sell as well. This is because many people are able to distinguish between HD (720p), and Full HD (1080p) video.

The Best VPN for Netflix 2023.

To find the best VPN service for streaming, we tested the top VPN providers. This comprehensive Netflix VPN guide identifies the best ones.

Netflix is the king of online streaming. Netflix is a favourite among binge-watchers due to its huge variety of content and large collection of originals. To bypass Netflix’s restrictions on content, many people use VPNs to watch their favorite media. Netflix recognizes this trend and has banned VPN services. This guide lists the top VPNs that work with Netflix, despite its resistance. There are two free VPN options available here. However, we recommend that you choose a paid VPN. You can choose one of the options here to get started watching your favorite TV shows or movies right away.

Netflix has undoubtedly the largest media library of any streaming service. Copyright agreements make it difficult to access a lot of Netflix’s content. You may not be able stream the content you want, even though Netflix is available worldwide.

This service will allow you to unblock Netflix and open the international streaming catalogue to hundreds of new TV series and movies from all over the world, regardless of where you live.

Netflix has banned VPNs and proxy services, so only a handful of VPNs will work with Netflix.

What are the best VPNs for Netflix access from anywhere? Check out the following.

Here’s a quick overview of the top three Netflix VPNs.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Netflix in privacy. It offers servers in 94 countries, high speeds, DNS leak protection, and great device compatibility.

Surfshark is a great choice for streaming Netflix at high quality and fast speeds. You have 30 days to try this VPN free of charge.

NordVPN – Provides strong security, blazing-fast speeds, complete privacy, custom streaming servers, strict no logs policy, and affordable plans with 30-day money back guarantee.

Is it legal for a VPN to be used with Netflix?

VPNs are the best way to bypass Netflix geo-blocks, and still enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.

You may be wondering if you could get in trouble with the law by doing this.

It is legal to use VPNs to access Netflix. It is legal to access your Netflix account, regardless of how you access it.

Some countries, such as China, UAE and Saudi Arabia, discourage VPN usage. VPNs are sometimes considered illegal in some countries.

It is possible to face legal problems if you are in such a country. However, this would not be due to Netflix. It would rather be due to the laws in place for VPNs.

It is legal to use VPNs to access Netflix. The streaming company does not recommend users use VPNs as it doesn’t want them to stream content based upon their location. While you will not likely be charged with any legal action for your actions, it is possible to get access errors on the streaming platform.

You need the right VPN to unblock Netflix

Let’s talk about why you need a VPN to unblock Netflix before we dive into the top VPNs that work with Netflix.

Netflix uses your IP address for location determination. This is used to decide what movies and TV shows you want to view, as well as which ones to block (geoblocking). Netflix blocks are enforced because it is under the obligation to uphold distribution and licensing agreements.

To bypass geoblocking, you will need the right VPN. Without a VPN, you won’t have the ability to view your favorite movies.

A VPN can be used to unblock American Netflix from outside the US, which gives you the best selection of movies and TV shows.

You can also enjoy Netflix in other regions such as the UK, Netherlands and France.

A quality VPN service will encrypt your internet traffic to give you better security and privacy, while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows.

How to select the best VPN for Netflix

You may have already guessed that not all VPNs work with Netflix. You need to choose VPNs that are reliable, fast streaming and offer great privacy. How do you pick them?

It is clear that the best VPN service for streaming Netflix should not block Netflix’s VPN blocks.

It must also have servers in the country you wish to access the content. To change your IP address, you will need to connect to the US VPN server if you want to access Netflix US.

The VPN should offer unlimited bandwidth and fast connections to guarantee unrestricted streaming.

It also requires strong security features to protect personal information, such as military-grade encryption, an auto kill switch, and strict no-logs policies.

10 best VPNs for Netflix – Detailed list

You now know how to choose the VPN service for seamless streaming. Don’t be afraid to spend so much time analyzing each one.

We screened more than 50 VPN providers to save you the hassle.

These VPNs have been rigorously tested and are now the best to use in 2022.

Not to be confused with the previous month’s testing, all the providers are tested again every month to ensure that the article is up-to-date. This will save you time, energy, frustration and effort in searching for the best VPN for Netflix.

1. ExpressVPN


This VPN industry leader is a sneaky one. It has the largest server network and bypasses VPN block to allow Netflix access.


Servers – 3,000+ servers in over 94 countries

encryption AES-256-bit encryption

Protection Web leak protection

P2P optimized server P2P optimized server

Kill switch Kill switch

Zero-logs policy Zero logs policy

Five simultaneous connections

money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee


All locations are covered by lightning fast speeds

Stealthy security

Includes standalone smart DNS

Netflix is unblockable

Live chat support available 24/7


Bit expensive

ExpressVPN is a great provider that offers VPN services with Netflix.

It works with all popular devices, including Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux. It also works with routers (Linksys Asus, Netgear etc.). Alongside Smart TVs such as Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV, Fire Sticks, Apple TV, Google Chromecasts, Roku, Roku, Roku, Android smart TVs.

ExpressVPN is the best choice. It has a dedicated Netflix page as well as a variety of server locations that make it easy to unblock Netflix. It also allows you to unblock Netflix in both the Netflix App and the web browser.

The streaming speeds are unbeatable and VPN blockers can be easily bypassed thanks to the presence of over 3,000 servers across 94 countries. You can also use the VPN on up to five devices at once with one subscription, regardless of platform (even virtual machines).

ExpressVPN is committed to privacy and protects your data using the best-in class encryption protocols, strict no-logs policies, and an auto-kill switch.

You can reach the provider 24/7 via live chat to get answers to your questions immediately. ExpressVPN subscribers also come with a Media Streamer smart proxy, which you can use if your device does not support VPNs.

2. Surfshark


The best budget-friendly VPN to stream unlimited content anywhere. This VPN works by hiding servers and a large network. It can bypass VPN detection to allow you to stream Netflix and other popular streaming sites.


Servers 3,200+ Servers in 65 Countries

encryption AES-256-bit encryption

Servers optimized for P2P Sharing

Mode Kill switch

Zero-logging policy Zero-logging

MultiHop mode Double VPN

Multiple simultaneous connections Unlimited simultaneous connections

money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee


Protected by military-grade encryption

Rapid speed

All servers are unblockable by Netflix

Interface that is user-friendly

Unlimited device connections


Some servers may cause speed lags

SurfsharkVPN allows you to quickly unblock Netflix. You get 30 days of free VPN testing.

SurfsharkVPN offers high-quality Netflix streaming at a fast pace. It boasts a network of over 3200 servers across 65 countries. This means it can unblock nearly every Netflix library.

Its robust security features such as AES encryption offer additional privacy and anonymity when streaming your favorite TV shows or other content.

Surfshark’s CleanWeb protection feature also protects against malware, ads and phishing attempts.

Surfshark offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can test it risk-free.

3. NordVPN


Another popular VPN to unblock and stream Netflix is VPN. Its streaming-optimized servers and stealth technology allow for unrestricted streaming.

Visit NordVPN

Servers 5,200+ servers in 60 Countries

P2P optimized server P2P optimized server

Encryption AES256 encryption

Zero-logging policy Zero-logging

Kill switch Kill switch feature

Six simultaneous connections

Protection Web protection

MultiHop mode Double VPN

money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee


Zero logs policy

Rapid speeds

Netflix is unblocked on any server

Apps that are user-friendly

Live chat support available 24/7

Adblocking feature


Some servers may be slow

NordVPN is a VPN that perfectly works with Netflix. It works seamlessly with Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

NordVPN works with ExpressVPN and will work on any device. It will hide your IP address, conceal your location online and encrypt your internet traffic, just like ExpressVPN.

It also allows you to access Netflix via your browser, as well as the Netflix app.

NordVPN allows you to unblock different Netflix catalogs. Specifically, any server you connect to will unblock Netflix. You can also access dedicated streaming servers that are optimized for HD video.

Smart Play technology allows for unlimited unblocking, thanks to its extensive network of more than 5,200 servers located in 59 countries around the world.

NordVPN is able to bypass all VPN blockages thanks to its high-end security and unlimited bandwidth. You can also keep your family entertained by having six simultaneous devices connected to one subscription.

NordVPN is not only for Netflix, but also allows you to enjoy complete anonymity online with double encryption. Data travels through two secure tunnels which leave no trace.

4. Private Internet Access

It is a relatively inexpensive VPN that offers extremely fast speeds. It might not always be able to unblock Netflix using regular IPs. However, dedicated IPs can resolve the problem.

Visit PIA

Servers More than 28,000 server locations in 84 nations

encryption 125/256 bit AES encryption

P2P optimized server P2P optimized server

MultiHop mode MultiHop with obfuscation

Protection Boasts DNS Leak Protection

Multiple connections – Up to 10 concurrent connections


One subscription connects 10 devices

Unlimitless server switches

Unlimited speed

Netflix is one of the websites that can be unblocked

Live chat support available 24/7

Get a 7-day free trial of iOS and Android

No logs kept

Bitcoin supported


It doesn’t always provide Netflix streaming at lightning speed

There may be some logging, even though the provider says it has a strict no-log policy.

Private Internet Access (PIA), unlike many VPN providers, offers a low-performance VPS that is also cheap. However, Private Internet Access (PIA), has a network of fast and powerful servers around the world to ensure everything runs smoothly.

PIA provides easy-to use VPN apps for Windows and MacOS. You will also find smart mode, app guard, website filters, smart mode, and other features from the provider.

Private Internet Access has more than 28,000 servers located in over 80 countries. Private Internet Access, like other Netflix VPNs mentioned in this article is trusted worldwide by millions.

Each personal plan with PIA VPN allows you to use the service up to ten times.

SSL encryption, which runs in the background, protects your internet traffic from hackers and spies, just like other top-notch VPNs.

5. IPVanish

This service will literally erase your IP address and mask it with another from your preferred server location. It can then unblock any Netflix content you want.

Visit IPVanish

Servers 2,000+ in 75+ countries

P2P optimized servers P2P(torrenting).

Kill switch Kill switch

encryption AES 256-bit encryption

Zero-logs policy Keeps no logs

Multiple connections at once Unlimited connections

money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee


Netflix Unblocks

Rapid speeds

Live chat support for Vigilant

Easy to configure, powerful apps


There is no free trial

IPVanish is a trusted VPN service. It also offers a fast service that is reliable and secure.

It supports simultaneous connections to multiple devices in one subscription. There are many apps that can be used on your PC, Mac or Linux.

It also allows you to unblock your preferred Netflix version in both the US Netflix app and browser.

IPVanish boasts more than 2,000 servers and server locations in over 75 countries. They also offer 24/7 live chat support.

This VPN allows you to access unlimited P2P traffic (torrent) without having to worry about your privacy.

Subscribe to this VPN to test it yourself. It offers a 7-day money back guarantee. This makes it appealing for people who want to bypass Netflix VPN blocking and safely download torrents.